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Bridesmaids' Bouquets Bridesmaids' Bouquets Bouquets #BM201 Trio of Calla Lilies with greenery, foliage loops, Aquarius grass & threaded pearls bound with satin ribbon. $30.00 each 152324913 Bouquets #BM202 Mixed roses & Calla Lilies with Eucalyptus & natural stems bound with satin ribbon. $100.00 each 164240221 Bouquets #BM203 Ivory roses with wired crystals, Ficus greenery, silver sheer ribbon, ivory satin & diamantes. $100.00 each 186142530 Bouquets #BM204 Bridesmaid bouquets of white Tiger Lilies & white/yellow Frangipanis (with diamante centres), with greenery, natural stems & ivory satin & satin-edged sheer ribbon. $85.00 each 191600383 Bouquets #BM205 White roses & foliage hand-tied with ivory satin ribbon & organza French braid overlay. $100.00 each 204618294 Bouquets #BM206 Small spray bouquets of white roses with Camellia leaves bound with natural jute twine. $50.00 each (Can be made as a larger design for the the bride). 183711112 Bouquets #BM207 Matching bridesmaid & flower girl bouquets of white Calla Lilies hand-tied with burlap & lace. BM: $75.00 FG: $35.00 205119392 Bouquets #BM208 White Lisianthus, orchids, Stephanotis (with pearls), Gypsophila, Lime Bush, green Star Flower, Leather Fern & white satin ribbon. 205442413 Bouquets #BM209 White Liliums & roses with Jasmine, diamantes, Ficus & rose foliage & natural stems bound with white satin ribbon. $95.00 each 206132509 Bouquets #BM209A Ivory roses with Gypsophila, Fern & champagne satin ribbon. $85.00 each 206799240 Bouquets #BM210 White Oriental Liliums & Frangipanis with pearls, greenery & white satin ribbon. $85.00 each 180241223 Bouquets #BM211 Cream, ivory & subtle pink Peonies & roses with sprigs of Eucalyptus & ivory organza & satin ribbons. $100.00 each 205613550 Bouquets #BM212 Champagne, ivory and light pink roses & ivy hand-tied with Pink Champagne satin ribbon. $100.00 each 203829526 Bouquets #BM213 Dancing Queen roses with silver threaded beads, lavender buds & camellia leaf collars; wrapped in satin ribbon with diamante pins. $100.00 each 111165181 Bouquets #BM214 18cm diameter Peach/pink & ivory roses & foliage with burlap & lace. $50.00 each 205613551 Bouquets #BM215 Pink/white Cymbidium orchids. $85.00 each 157234987 Bouquets #BM216 206348826 Bouquets #BM217 Natural-stem bouquets of Champagne, Creme de Menthe & Upper Cloud roses with native greenery. 106588209 Bouquets #BM218 Cool Waters, Sweet Akito & Vendela roses with Ming Fern & pale pink satin ribbon. 189048656 Bridesmaid Bouquet 119945388 Bouquets #BM220 Frangipani bridesmaid posies featuring blooms in 3 different colours: white/yellow, sunset pink & orchid with greenery & fuscia satin ribbon seen here with the bride's teardrop & matching button holes. $85.00 each 191600274 Bouquets #BM221 Roses & Ranunculus in cream, ivory & pink with Dusty Miller foliage, hand-tied with pink satin & organza braid $100.00 each 199946212 Bouquets #BM222 White Oriental Lilies with white & pink/white roses, light pink Frangipanis, Camellia leaves, diamantes & fuschia satin ribbon. $95.00 each 205119390 Bouquets #BM223 Pink/white Oriental Lilies with soft pink roses & satin ribbon. $65.00 each 206622854 Bouquets #BM224 Pink Ice roses mixed with Agapanthus & Hydrangea florets in pinks & mauves, hand-tied with sparkling, silver ribbon. $85.00 205119410 Bouquet #BM225 Cool Waters, Upper Cloud & Poison roses with a collar of Camelia leaves & organza, hand-tied with satin & diamante pins. $85.00 each 137500761 Bouquets #BM226 Burgandy & soft pink roses, pink Anemones, Dandelion Plum, Magnolia, Peach Blossom, Star Flower, Lamb's Ear & burgandy satin ribbon. Smaller size: 21cm diameter. $75.00 each 205119391 Bouquets #BM227 Orange Asiatic Lilies with purple orchids & Vanilla Grass. $85.00 each 171420687 Bouquets #BM228 Bridesmaid & flower girl bouquets of ivory, orange & white roses with Ranunculus, Skimmia, Baby's Breath, Dusty Miller, Eucalyptus gumnuts & foliage. Stems wrapped in white satin ribbon. $100.00 each 203829528 Bouquet #BM229 Pink salmon roses with Wax Flower, Gray Santolina, Lamb's Ear foliage & satin ribbon. 25cm diameter. $100.00 205343606 Bouquets #BM230 White Tiger Lilies withpurple Vanda Orchids & Wild Pepper Berries with greenery & white & purple satin ribbon. $85.00 each 157234235 Bouquets #BM231 Purple & white roses, Cornflowers, mauve & Blue Galaxy orchids, Lily of the Valley, Lilac, purple Delphiniums & Lisianthus & Hydrangea florets & foliage loops. $100.00 each 201811566 Bouquets #BM232 Bridesmaid bouquets of ivory & dark purple roses, Delphiniums & Calla Lilies with bridal white satin ribbon. Photographed here with the bride's bouquet. $100.00 each 203829527 Bouquets #B233 Blue & purple roses & Hydrangea, purple Lisianthus, lilac & purple Delphiniums, Lilac, Jasmine, Thyme, Lime Bush, greenery & lilac satin ribbon. $100.00 each 205610467 Bouquet #BM234 Green Cymbidium orchids & cerise Carnations with green, satin ribbon. $100.00 204797773 Bouquet #BM235 Purple Oriental Liliums with pearl stamens, lilac & white coloured roses, Maiden Hair fern & white, satin ribbon. 20cm diameter. $100.00 each 205343605 Bouquets #BM236 21cm diameter bridesmaid bouquets of ivory, lemon & mauve roses, mauve Hydrangea, mauve & purple Lisianthus, Dendrobium orchids, purple Delphiniums with mauve satin ribbon. $100.00 each 205611969 Bouquets #BM237 18cm diameter bridesmaid bouquets of purple Liliums (with pearl stamens), lilac, mauve & white roses with a little greenery & deep lilac coulered satin ribbon. Pictured here with matching button holes. $75.00 each 205611968 Bridesmaids' Flowers #BM238 Single long-stem, large open red roses covered with white satin ribbon & diamantes. $15.00 each. 152324908 Bouquets #BM239 Adrenaline deep red roses surrounded by a collar of Gypsophila hand-tied with ivory satin ribbon. $130.00 each 186142210 Bouquets #BM240 Gathered-style bouquets of cream, ivory, white & wine coloured Peonies & roses with pink Mums, Blushing Bride, Jasmine, berries, cream/pink Hydrangea, Dusty Miller & seeded Eucalyptus bound with ivory satin ribbon. $P.O.A. 205975236 Bouquets #BM241 Mixed cream, ivory and wine red roses and Peonies with pink Blushing Bride, cream/pink and blush Hydrangea, blue Astrantia and assorted Eucalypt foliage hand-tied with wine red satin ribbon. $100.00 each 205918764 Bouquets #BM242 Mixed burgandy, cranberry and white roses (incl. David Austin roses), with seed Eucalyptus, hand-tied with burgandy satin ribbon. $100.00 each 205918745 Bouquets #BM243 Dark and softest pink David Austin and regular roses with Gypsophila and Eucalypt foliage. Stems are covered with satin and organza ribbons. $100.00 each 206429898 Bouquets #BM243A Burgandy/cerise and cream coloured roses and Peonies with Peach Blossom, Reed Bush, Willow and Seeded Eucalyptus, hand-tied with twine. $85.00 each 206822254 Bouquets #BM243B Bridemaids' bouquets of cranberry colour David Austin and regular roses with rose foliage and wrapped with hessian, lace and satin ribbon. $100.00 each 206832055 Bouquets #BM244 Bridesmaids' bouquets of white Oriental Liliums with Wedgeweed blue orchids, Crown Berries & stems, finished with baby blue, satin ribbon & organza. $85.00 each 170361396 Bouquets #BM245 Akito roses & diamanted with Million Stars & Dracaena informally bound with teal blue satin ribbon. $130.00 each 185404991 Bouquets #BM246 Sky blue & white/yellow Frangipanis with diamante centres, blue orchids, Ficus greenery & teal blue satin ribbon. $100.00 each 187711964 Bouquet #BM247 Diamante-studded, blue tip and white/yellow Frangipanis with ice blue Dendrobium orchids and Ficus greenery wrapped in satin ribbon. Also pictured; matching wrist corsage and button holes. $100.00 each 205918765 Bouquet #BM248 Blue/white Calla Lilies bound with Aqua satin & organza ribbon & embellished with diamantes. $100.00 each 204530201 Bouquets #BM249 Cream & ivory Peonies & roses with Eucalyptus, Pentas & navy, satin-edged, sheer ribbon loops. Stems wrapped with navy satin. $100.00 each 206056058 Bouquets #BM250 Calla Lilies & roses. $100.00 each 206348827 Bouquets #BM251 White Calla Lilies, roses & Gypsophila hand-tied with steel satin ribbon & pearl-headed pins. $100.00 each 197385879 Bouquets #BM252 Teardrop bouquets of Akito & Vendela roses fringed with black tulle & emu feathers. Their handles are covered in black satin & diamantes. $100.00 each 176538990 Bouquets #BM253 Gothic black rose buds mixed with white roses; finished with black satin & organza ribbon. $85.00 each 152324912 Bouquets #BM254 White Calla Lilies hand-tied with black satin ribbon and pearl-headed pins. $85.00 each 204113135